Eat Well For Less: Happy & Healthy Cookbook Review

You don’t have to have seen the BBC series to buy the book, but if you have, you will have seen some of the presenters of the show on the cover of the book. Like the show, frankly, the book does exactly what it says on the tin. It is all about healthy family recipes that allow families (and individuals) to cook good food from scratch that aren’t going to cost the earth. It is an ideal book for any would-be cooks to hone their skills and to reduce how much is spent on food. From students to families, it all helps, because the cost of living is rising so much! It is a great cookbook and I have enjoyed trying out some recipes from it.

Who’s the author? 

Jo Scarratt-Jones has created the book, who is the executive producer for the BBC series of the same name, Eat Well For Less. Scarratt-Jones is also the author behind all of the other cookbooks in the series that accompany the show.  

What is the cook book about?

Eat Well for Less: Happy & Healthy is all about good food that doesn’t break the bank. Sadly, so many families across the UK are facing a cost of living crisis, so this book is ideal. It is a good choice because it is packed with different meals, planners, time-saving, and money-saving tips, with plenty of recipes to choose from, from breakfast to desserts. I liked that there is a big selection to choose from, including quicker meals to make, as well as meat-free meals.

Ok, I love sour cream and coriander a bit too much 😂

What recipes are there?

The favourite recipes that we tried so far are the veggie chilli and the tuna nicoise salad. They both taste great, are quick to make, and use up a lot of ingredients that you’re likely to have in the house already. In the veggie chilli, for example, along with tinned tomatoes in the sauce, there is also apple juice and a smidge of honey, which we already had in the house. There aren’t any ‘fancy’ ingredients really, which is why the recipes are so affordable, and why this is a great cookbook to choose. Other recipes that are included that we enjoyed are Jamaican chicken tacos, spiced feta and chickpea sweet jacket potatoes, one-pan spicy eggs and peanut butter and date flapjacks; such a good range to choose from.

Would we recommend it?

The aim of the book is to help you to stress-less over family meals and how much groceries and cooking costs you. For me, this is a mission accomplished. As I’ve mentioned, the ingredients used are simple, but still healthy and worthy of a place in a balanced family diet. As a result, I can’t hesitate to recommend the book. I like to cook from new recipes and get new ideas, and this has some new ideas, as well as new and tasty twists on some classics. If you were to buy this yourself or for someone else, I don’t think you would be disappointed.

You can get this book from all places that sell books, as well as Amazon, where it is currently selling for £11.29 for the paperback version.

*this is a collaborative post but all words and opinions are my own.

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