Gifts to Make Your Baby’s First Birthday Go Smoothly


Since having my third baby back in December, life has been a bit of a whirlwind! The time has flown by, but at the same time, it has been a bit of an experience getting back into all things baby. I’ve been remembering all sorts from how many layers a baby needs at night to what different development stages they go through. He’s nearly six months old so before we know it, it will be time to get ready for his first birthday and find some brilliant children’s presents. It is the week before Christmas so there will be a toy overload in our house this December. I’ve been thinking back to the first birthdays of my other children and what we did to mark it, so here are some things that you can do if you’re planning a first birthday soon too.

Finding toys that will help their next development stage

When it is a baby’s first birthday, let’s face it, they’re not going to remember it. So getting them some gifts that will be useful gifts and help them in their next stages of development is best. Sites such as Wicked Uncle allow you to select who you are buying for and then they will display the gifts and toys that are age appropriate, which I think is really handy, especially when trying to take my mind back to all things baby (or are a friend, auntie or uncle without children of your own and after some guidance of what would be most suitable).

At the twelve month point, babies will be starting to walk, if they’re not already, so choosing a pull-along toy can be a good idea. Chunky puzzles can work well for their development too, as well as stacking toys, large magnets, and toys with buttons that make sounds, like a chunky ‘phone’ or musical toys.

Gifts that will capture memories

Some gifts for a little one can work well when they are something that will create or capture a memory. It could be something like a photoshoot, a personalised item that they can keep as a memento from their first birthday, or something like a print or mould of their hands and feet. As has been said, a child’s first birthday isn’t necessarily about what they will remember, so it can be fun to give them something that will help them to remember or know what happened, down the line.

Throw a party

When I didn’t have any children I didn’t really see the point of having birthday parties for little ones. But since becoming a parent, I think it is so important to celebrate the big things, as well as the small things. For most first birthdays, the celebration is as much about the parents as it is about the child, because those first years are tough. Having photos or videos of the occasion will be great to look back on, and having a get-together of all people that love the baby and play a part in the baby’s life, is really sweet, as well as important.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money when it comes to gifts and parties for your little one. The main thing for me is marking the occasion, as well as getting gifts for them that will help them and be useful to them for growing. I am a big fan of the Duchess of Cambridge and through her work, many of us will know just how important those early years are. The gifts that you can choose for little ones can play a big part in progressing their development, so it should be a consideration, for sure.

If you’re looking for gifts for children of all ages, as well as babies and one year olds, then make sure that you have a look at Wicked Uncle – click here. They have a really great choice of toys with a range of prices.

Have you shopped at Wicked Uncle before? What are your tips for first birthdays? It would be great to hear what you think.

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