How to Save Money When You Shop

money-iii-1254139Ever since I became a parent, I immediately realised the difference it made to my life. There’s so much extra joy and love that comes with being a mother. But, there’s also a lot of responsibility that comes with it. You have to be in control at all times, making sure everything is covered.

One big thing that’s affected is your money situation. Kids mean that you’re going to have to spend a lot more money. You have to invest in the now, but also in the future. So, I find that saving money is an important part of parenthood. Here’s how I save money every time I have to shop:

Discount Codes/Cards

I always look for stuff that will give me a discount on certain things. For example, some local supermarkets have a loyalty card that gives me a discount over time. You can also look online for codes that you enter at the online checkout – particulalry with first time grocery online orders (I have used several different email addresses to get the discount more than once)! Heck, I’ve even found a prescription card that give me a discount on medicine. So whenever one of us adults gets sick, I know it won’t cost a lot to buy all the medication!

Looking for discounts is one of the first things I do whenever I’m about to go shopping. It only takes a few more minutes and I usually find a valid, suitable code.

IMG_0617Special Offers

The next thing I do is look for special offers as I shop. If I’m looking at buying nappies, I see if there are any on offer. Usually, there will be some on a ‘buy one get one free’ offer or ‘two for’ something. You’ll find that most household necessities are going to be on special offer at some stage.

I have a tip within a tip for you here. If you usually buy a certain branded item, but that item is on offer with a different brand, then switch! Don’t be scared to switch it up – no need to pay more just because you always buy that brand. Most of the time, I find that there isn’t much of a difference anyway. I’d also make the most of special offers when you see them. If something is on offer, then maybe buy more than you usually would – stock up! It can work out cheaper for you in the long run.

Shop Around

My third tip is to shop around. Don’t just pick one store and always go to it. During a year, stores change their prices. If you’re buying clothes from one store in January, there may be a cheaper store in February. I think this tip is particularly important when thinking about grocery shopping. Supermarkets will often alter their prices to try and become the cheapest around.

You can have a look online to figure out which one is the cheapest option for your weekly shop. There are websites that let you write down your shopping list, and then check which store will be the least expensive. It’s super helpful, especially when you’re doing a big shop. That way, you know you’re going to get the best value possible, and won’t waste any money.

What are your money saving tips?

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