Planning a Ski Trip This Winter?

You needn’t worry about going on a ski trip with your family. There’s so much fun to be had on a trip like this, and you’ll make amazing memories for life! Use these tips to make the most of this trip!

Pick a Suitable Destination for Your Group / Family

There are a ton of different destinations you can choose from when it comes to skiing with the family. Some are more suitable for the whole family than others, so make sure you research and read reviews. Some are more suited to friend groups, while others will be perfect for your family.

Take Lessons Together

If you’re all beginners, why not take some lessons together? You should be able to find somewhere that offers this in your area, so that when you arrive at your destination you already know what to do. You could consider taking lessons at your resort, but you might end up paying a lot more money than you usually would.

Look for Childcare Options

If you’re not going to want to ski with your kids the whole time, or you think they’ll want some time off, you can look at resorts with childcare options. Some resorts will have childcare options included in the price, say Momentum Ski. However, you’ll need to double check this. Make sure you read the fine print!

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Quality Protective Clothing

Quality protective clothing is a must when you go skiing, so make sure you have everything you need. Lots of people rent rather than buy, as this saves money. Above all else, make sure your children are comfortable. When you’re skiing and the weather can be a little cold, you need to be as comfortable as possible. Skiing is hard enough without wearing uncomfortable clothing!


Taking care of the family’s skin is a must too. The sun can reflect off the snow and burn you, which can result in sun damage. You need to apply SPF, and make sure your clothes are protective as mentioned before. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with glasses either!

Encourage Your Kids

If you’re apprehensive, then your kids will be too. Encourage them and let them know you believe in them. They’ll take your lead. If you’re excited and positive, they will be too!

Invest in a Good Camera

You’re not going to want to forget any of the key moments on this trip, so invest in a good camera. You could even put one of your tech savvy kids in charge of the camera, or have them take it in turns!

Don’t Focus on the Biggest Resort

You don’t need to go to the biggest resort to have a great time. Just do a little research and make sure this place has good reviews, suitable for families.
Above all else, have an amazing time!

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  • A family ski holiday is really on my radar – husband is Belgian then did a lot of skiing holidays as he was growing up whereas I have only been once and was of course, rubbish and what’s more, terrified! Lessons are a great idea x